The Billy P Poject

Flight   Risk

Northern Lights Habor Springs

Flight   Risk

Northern Lights Harbor Springs

Playing With

Andrew  &  Katie 

​is so much fun

A Unique Approach to the Classics

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It's Music You Love  *  Songs We All Sing 

A Unique Approach  To Classic

Rock                                  Country              Jazz

"The Billy P Project"

Has partnered up with Waterway Music Productions

to help record,  promote, manage and promote local acts around N. Michigan

We will be recording some original material as well as doing studio work

with other music acts.

The four of us are looking forward to this adventurebecause we know their is

some fine talent up here in the north and we want to help further their career in music

Together we have assembled a song list of over 450 tunes, giving us the ability to cover most any venue.

Our combined desire to resurrect songs that may have been over looked or forgotten by other acts has been a labor of love and

excitement. This has lead us to be one of the strong favorites of WKLT radio out of Traverse City.

The WKLT morning show crew with Omelette and Rick Coates has dubbed us the best party band in the north.

I am fortune to have access to these extremely talented musicians:

  Andrew Schmittdiel

Drummer/Percussionist/Guitarist/Vocalist 'with multipal years experience. He brings to Flight Risk ,the talents in voice and time keeping needed to advance in this business. His training has brought him to us to make the group much tighter and his various ideas that have possibly been missing. Everyone finds it a pleasure to play along side Andrew

From the "Cover of the Northern  Express"

Omelette & Rick Coats of  .

​​I have two songs on you tube right but will be adding more

1.  "Mackinaw City Girl"   by The Billy P Project

2. A Spiritual song  I wrote for a Christian.

it's called "There's a Light" by Bill Phillips

Go take a listen

and get back with me

Photos, & Song List  

on our party page

We Have been invited back to

 Kamp Omelette

And The Detroit River Fest

More on that this spring


Billy P Project

is built on the foundation of

Bill Phillips / Billy P

Guitarist / Vocalist

Andy Schmittdiel

Drums / Vocal

Since 2008 this Diverse duo,Trio, or Quartet 

has entertained a host of venues

Lounges, Country Clubs , Ski Lodges, Bars and Many Parties and Weddings. 

Plus seasonal events, such as Halloween, New Years, Saint Patrick's and more.

 Along with numerous festivals around the state.

They have made it onto the Cover of the Northern Express & has performed live

on WKLT radio on numerous occasions

One of the Best Party Bands in the North

 Their variety is so impressive from Rock to Country to Jazz

they do it all.   A must see band

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